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Just as you wouldn’t drive your car for years without servicing it, you shouldn’t run your HVAC system without routine maintenance.

We offer a biannual preventative maintenance plan to keep your units in great condition year round.

We also do repairs on all types of units, whether we installed it or not.

Preventative Maintenances include:

  1. Checking thermostat calibration.
  2. Cleaning and adjustment of furnace burner assembly.
  3. Cleaning Furnace ignition assembly
  4. Checking Combustion Air.
  5. Testing Units Starting and Stoping capabilities.
  6.  Examination of Heat Exchanger for damage and corrosion.
  7. Monitor Flue Draft.
  8. Testing safety controls.
  9. Inspect all piping.
  10. Cleaning and/or replacement of standard filters.
  11. Measuring air flow.
  12. Tightening all electrical connections.
  13. Measuring all volts and amps.
  14. Lubrication of all moving furnace parts
  15. Cleaning and adjustment of blower components.
  16. Cleaning Condensate drain and ensuring a clear exit.
  17. Measuring Air Temp difference between supply air and return air.
  18. Adjustment of pilot.
  19. Monitor Heat/AC cycles.
  20. Examination of the condition of equipment area and clearances.

Just a FEW Preventative Maintenance Advantages:

  • Lower energy bills
  • Improved health and safety
  • Decreased risk of system breakdowns
  • Reduced need for emergency repairs
  • Greater peace of mind
  • Increased efficiency of your system

Want peace of mind?
Join our Service Club today!

Membership includes:
– 2 seasonal tune ups per year –
– 15% off parts replacement –
– NO diagnostic fees (an $125 value) –

Save $100’s annually!

Contact Us Today to Learn More! (855) 257-4828

Some Additional Fees May Apply


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